Mythalogia is a parralel universe, made up of five main continents: Dragonlandia, Lionlandia, Craustacia, darklan, Amazonia.


Originally, Lionlandia was the ruling power, and Dragonlandia was just a bunch of warring tribes. Then, the Dragonlandian tribe exelion, led by king Retep Tihsm, united the tribes of Dragonlandia and began the great uprising. Eventually, they overthrew the great Lionlandian empire. The Lionlandian Empire is now much smaller, but still very strong. The Elvish peoples were good, and kind, but the dark entity known as Whorlbiir has spead and turned the majority of the elves into twisted and evil versions of what they used to be.

"we are a dying people, falling, falling, summoning up grains of sand to stand on... At least we may take refuge in the fact that it is through no fault of our own that we are dying."

Queowin, elvish elder.

The Amazonians, however hostile they may be, are not tainted by Whorlbiir. the Craustacian people are holding out as best as they can, but around half have turned to Whorlbiir.